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I, Democrat Roberts Guy Dameus have a mission to be elected to the office as a member of Florida House Of Representatives, District 72, to create valuable jobs, lower gas costs, make house affordable to everyone and to represent you, and I know that you have the power to do that. This is a candidate you can trust.

   This is Roberts


       I'm running for office to:

  1. Lower gas costs, If i win the election, I will definitely reduce the taxes on the fuel. I also understand that releasing oil and gas from the Stategic reserve and reduce taxes on fuel and oil,  these types of measures will definitely help lower pump prices.

  2. Reduce taxes, my plan is to reduce taxes for both individuals and businesses, meaning, I will be fighting for a tax reform to help low-income individuals.

  3.  Create good paying jobs, as a Democrat, I know that nothing is more important than creating good paying jobs that can support middle-class life from nurses, firefighters, and teachers to construction workers, factory workers and small business owners. Our plans are to cut business payroll taxes for new hires, create thriving hubs of manufacturing with a make it in America.

  4. Making housing affordable to everyone, we believe that the housing affordable crisis is the result failing to produce enough housing to match demand, and helping first time home buyers, and young couples with growing families, spur job and economic growth.

  5. Support Immigration Reform, In the Institute 2021 Immigration and Identity National Survey, a new national survey of 2,600 U.S adults, finds that nearly three-fourths (72%) of Americans believe immigrants come to the United States to find jobs and improve their lives, I will make sure that their rights won't be violated.

  6. Reforming our Gun Laws, we will fight to pass universal background checks for gun purchases. The sale and ownership of high-risk weapons, such as machine guns will be restricted.

  7. Human rights to Health Care, we will make sure the right to health care is a universal access without discrimination, is a human right.

  8. Environmental Safety, ensuring that the surrounding environment is free from hazards, environment safety is usually divided into three subcategories: Occupational safety and health programs, environmental control, and chemical safety.

  9. Freedom of religion, in the Constitution of the United States, First Amendment, it clearly says that Congress shall make no laws respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

  10. Better treatment to our Veterans and the Americans with disabilities, we will make sure that the EEOC takes his responsibility to ensure that the federal government is a model employer for individuals with disabilities, which includes veterans with disabilities. We will also fight for veterans who may be facing discrimination because of a disability.

  11. Improve the education system, and better conditions for teachers by reinforcing the policies, and programs in education structure should be developed to aim higher achievement standards and goals.

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My Campaign Is Committed To:


Lowering Gas Costs


Affordable Housing


Creating Jobs

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